Spring Rate, Junior Rate & Young Professional Rate! Want to know more!? Check this post out!

Riverside Golf Club announces a new golf greens fee rate structure introducing a new rate season, expansion of the junior green fee rates, and a new age-based greens fee discount for young professionals.


Riverside Golf Club has operated with only two golf seasons: winter and summer. Beginning March 1st, a new Spring Season will run into late April. Eighteen-hole rates top out at $32, including sales tax, Friday – Sunday, $29 Monday – Thursday, with discounts for seniors 60 and older, Young Professionals 23 – 32 years old, and Students up to 22 years old. Men’s and Ladies’ Club Members paying either full or Senior prices receive an additional 20% discount. Twi-light discounts begin at 4 pm. Full in season rates are expected to be in effect on April 29th. But the start of each of these rate seasons may vary based on course conditions.

“In all the efforts to grow the game through junior golf I really found it ironic that as soon as the junior golfer became a college student and turned 18, it was suddenly acceptable to charge full price,” explained Riverside Golf Club Head Golf Professional and Player Development Director Austin Abbott.

“In discussions at the club we decided to first expand the length of time someone is eligible for a ‘junior rate’ and also acknowledge that once you graduate from college money is still tight. Like private facilities have created young executive membership levels, we have created a Young Professional green fee rate. It is likely that golfers just out of college through their early 30’s have very little disposable income with student loans and the expenses of starting a family. We want to keep them in touch with the game by lowering their cost to play.”

Starting with the 2019 Spring Rate Season, the Junior rate will be called a Student rate and apply to players 22 years old and younger. Students will pay only $16 to play 18-holes 365 days a year.

The Young Professional rate will apply to golfers from the age of 23 through 32 and fall between the Student and Senior rates. Eighteen-hole rates are $22 Monday – Thursday and $25 Friday – Sunday during the Spring and Prime Seasons, a $7-dollar reduction in both rates in the spring and $13 off Monday through Thursday and a $15 savings Friday through Sunday during the Prime Season, April 29th through October 27th, 2019.

To be eligible for any age based discounted rates (Student, Young Professional, Senior), the golfer must provide a complete birthdate to the Riverside Golf Club.

“Our goal with the rates for younger golfers is to keep them involved with the game during a time in their lives it would be easy to leave it and for Riverside Golf Club to earn a reputation as a leader helping to grow the game of golf in Washington,” concluded Abbott.